Have you checked out the Chime & GeographicFarm podcast? It’s called Ring in the Sales, and features conversations with thought leaders in the real estate world.

The first episode included special guest, Alyssa Glutz from Cherry Creek Mortgage, who discussed some great tips for agents to create a consistent pipeline of buyers, as well as how to take advantage of Alyssa’s unique Color Your Credit system to build your business and impact people’s lives. Here’s a quick sample of the podcast:


If you were to give agents one piece of advice for how to really impact their business, what would it be?


Find a group of 20 renters you want to mentor… You’re not gonna charge them — you’re giving them a scholarship to be part of your Color My Money Club. You’re bringing the influence for them… and then you’re doing nothing more but taking the content that I provide on Color My Credit and you’re giving it to them, via email or starting your own Facebook group, or doing something to create your own little club that you can influence. In the end, your goal is to make 20 renters into home buyers in a year.



Do you have advice for how agents can find those 20 renters they want to work with?


I always tell agents when you’re working an open house, or you get on the phone with a prospect and you feel that hesitancy, you can stop and say: “Hey, I don’t know if credit is something that has held you back, but my partner is a credit educator, and I have this great credit education that’s free. It’s a free system that will help you by making an impact on your life… What’s going to hold you back?”

Listen to the whole thing by clicking here.

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