PODCAST: Ring in the Sales, Episode 7 — Brad Warren

Brad Warren is a real estate business coach and author. He joined Chime for the Ring in the Sales podcast. Brad talked about the important task of managing the activities that drive your business. Here’s a sneak peek: Chime: How did you … Read More

PODCAST: Ring in the Sales, Episode 6 — Shon Kokoszka

Ring in the Sales had the chance to speak with founder of Icon Coaching, Shon Kokoszka, who shared some great information about the most common lead conversion mistakes that agents make. Here’s a little sample of our conversation: Ring in … Read More

PODCAST: Ring in the Sales, Episode 5 — The Broke Agent

Chime’s podcast, Ring in the Sales, recently featured Eric Simon, also known as The Broke Agent. Eric discussed how he started The Broke Agent, and talked about common social media mistakes that agents tend to make. Ring in the Sales: How … Read More

Agent Allen #7

Allen crept through the house, his weapon at the ready, his ears still ringing from the blast. Floorboards squeaked and creaked under his feet, and the place smelled stale, unlived-in. Yet (what was left of) the kitchen was modestly stocked, … Read More

PODCAST: Ring in the Sales, Episode 4 — Chris Morrison

In Episode 3 of Ring in the Sales, Chime & GeographicFarm spoke with Chris Morrison, associate broker and co-founder of Launch Real Estate in Phoenix, AZ. Chris talked about how he developed his first real estate company and how agents can automate … Read More

PODCAST: Ring in the Sales, Episode 3 — Nick Dreher

Are you familiar with Chime & GeographicFarm’s new podcast? Ring in the Sales features discussions with real estate thought leaders. The second episode included special guest Nick Dreher. He talked with us about habits successful agents can create in their day-to-day … Read More

PODCAST: Ring in the Sales, Episode 2 — Alyssa Glutz

Have you checked out the Chime & GeographicFarm podcast? It’s called Ring in the Sales, and features conversations with thought leaders in the real estate world. The first episode included special guest, Alyssa Glutz from Cherry Creek Mortgage, who discussed some great … Read More

Agent Allen #6

Allen wiped the sweat from his eyes. Google’s Claymore information had not been encouraging. He’d put his phone away and scanned the room. A table and chairs, some dishes, dirty towels. The refrigerator, which was too far away to use … Read More

Agent Allen #5

Allen left his rental at the airport, glad to have returned from Hotel Diamond with no tail this time. His flight to the island of Greaves’ last known, St. Kitts, gave him just enough time to check in with the … Read More

Phenomenal Content — Part 5: Use the Stuff That Works

Looking to lead instead of follow? Hoping to engage potential clients with compelling content? Then you have to be aware of the latest tools and know how to use them. We’re talking about tools for content creation and the systems … Read More