You can knock the socks off the people in your geographic farm with a little bit of time and planning. Knocking on doors is a critical part of your geographic farming plan. Here’s how to get started.

Understand the Importance of Door Knocking

The first questions agents ask themselves are, “Should I knock on doors? Does it make sense in today’s environment?” You may be surprised to learn that the answer to both questions is UNQUALIFIED YES!

Why? If you want to build rapport, the best way to do that is in person. When you take the time to knock on their door, you’re giving your farm a chance to get to know you, and you’ll be establishing a good reputation at the same time!

Consider your door knocking strategy when you choose your farm area. Some areas may not lend themselves to this marketing strategy. For example, gated communities, high-rise condominium buildings and restricted private communities won’t be candidates for door knocking.

Planning Is Key

Door knocking isn’t difficult if you have a good plan. Write a script to get the conversation going and memorize it. You may not always use it word-for-word when you’re talking to a prospect, but memorizing the script will give you confidence that you won’t get tongue-tied.

Choose a theme for each month. It would be awkward to ask a prospect if they’re thinking of selling every time you see them. You need to introduce a topic of interest that will make it worthwhile for a prospect to take a few minutes of their time to chat. Further, it’s important that you ask for some type of business in each interaction.

Here are some themes that you can consider, but feel free to choose something else that is specific to your farm area. Once you choose a theme, you can create a cohesive plan by preparing marketing pieces and scripts to match.

  • Benefits of buying investment property in the area – be prepared to discuss a listing that would be a good investment.
  • Prepare real estate market updates to hand out and discuss.
  • Talk about buyers you know who are interested in moving to the area and ask if they have neighbors who might be interested in selling.
  • Ask if they know anyone in the area or outside it who could use your help.
  • Share local news and information that would be valuable to them.

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