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OverviewGeographicFarm is a new concept in turnkey, cost-effective real estate marketing and business development. We are a 360° real estate lead generation, marketing and media company designed to grow your brand, improve your business and increase your bottom line. We make your real estate farming consistent, automated and effective. What is your time worth? Let our team of experts lighten your workload today!

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Lead Generation Packages Starting at $349/month!

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Most people want to research their home’s value well before contacting a real estate professional about listing. Let GeographicFarm create the best lead capture tool available that you can use anywhere!

The GeographicFarm Advantage:

  • 3 Step Process
  • Lead Scoring
  • Fully Customizable
  • Multiple Value Offerings
  • Email Campaigns

GeoFarm Digital

Interested in using one of the best ad management systems on the market today?

With over 20+ years of Direct Response Marketing experience and a proven ad optimization platform GeographicFarm will take your campaign to the next level.

Big Business Tools to the Individual Agent

GeographicFarm gives agents access to a marketing tool previously only available to big business. By running local agent’s ads across the whole country we gain macro insights that individual agents can’t see.

We are not just about direct mail anymore.

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Print Package Pricing & Points

  • 25 Postcards + 2 Newsletters per Year
  • Regional Account Manager
  • Lead Capture Website Included
  • Facebook Ad Management
  • Fetch Data Append Service
  • Recommended Mailers Monthly
  • High Quality Print & Paper
  • Addressing and Postage Included
  • Ask us about locking up your entire zip code!
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  • 2 Postcards Mailed Per Month
  • Regional Account Manager
  • Lead Capture Website Included
  • Facebook Ad Management
  • Fetch Data Append Service
  • Recommended Mailers Monthly
  • High Quality Print & Paper
  • Addressing and Postage Included
  • Ask us about locking up your entire zip code!
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  • 1 Postcard Mailed Per Month
  • Regional Account Manager
  • Lead Capture Website Included
  • Facebook Ad Management
  • Fetch Data Append Service
  • Recommended Postcards Monthly
  • High Quality Print & Paper
  • Addressing and Postage Included
  • Get started today!
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Who has the time or desire to call Leads?


Coverage: 9 a.m. – 8 p.m. local time x 7 days
Target “Speed to Lead”: 5-10 minutes
Local number provided
Customizable office greeting for returned calls
14 Day Follow Up campaign with calls, email and text
Scripting, Email and text Copy – provided or customizable

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Daily activity based on To Do’s
Local number provided
Customizable office greeting for returned calls
Scripting and Email copy provided or customizable



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The campaign is set, you’re getting traffic, and prospective sellers are submitting their addresses, but for every 1 lead with contact information you do get, there are 4 more that abandon before the process is complete.

There has to be a more effective way to reach those prospects than door knocking!

Introducing FETCH powered by Cole Realty Resource.

Through our integration with FETCH, Geographic Farm can now append the name, phone number, and email for most homeowners with only the data supplied with via the address capture. The systems are seamlessly integrated so that within seconds of identifying the address capture the appended information will be conveniently available in Geographic Farm’s lead management system.

Its that simple! No technology background required. We handle it all for you!

Get the most out of your marketing budget today and sign up for FETCH!

Add FETCH to your current package for only $29.99 per month

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GeoFarm Digital Enterprise Platform has the technology and expertise to keep your agents’ databases filled with a steady stream of qualified, seller leads

Turnkey ad-optimization service designed for large-scale real estate operations in multiple offices and locations
  • Enterprise-wide solution. Automates the creation, testing and optimization of customized, geo-targeted Facebook ads.
  • Localized messaging. Targets prime sellers in local markets throughout your organization.
  • Market dominance. Lock up to 20 Zip codes, giving your agents exclusive domain and locking out other enterprise businesses.
  • Fast set up. Customized campaigns up and running within days.
  • Proven results. Proprietary ad-optimization engine, multivariate testing and advanced analytics drive increased visitor traffic and maximize ROI, cutting lead-capture price by up to 65% when compared to locally run agent campaigns, or nationally run brand campaigns.
  • Available in Canada.


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“Using GeoFarm is the best thing I’ve done for my business in years. It cuts the time to a fraction of how long it takes to get listings as compared to regular postcards. For example; Postcards went out Friday, I got a text on my phone for market analysis on Mon & by Wed I was signing the listing contract with a new seller for a $700k home!”
Tom Hale
Tom HaleCoach for Tom Ferry
"Within a day I was assigned my own Success Manager (Zoey), 1 month my mailing was out and I was receiving requests for home values in the market I targeted. Their services helped me by automating my process, capturing the leads, nurturing the lead through my sales funnel and ultimately closing several properties."
Johanna Fatheree
Johanna FathereeRE/MAX Advantage
"Today I am closing on a $1,605,000 listing where the lead had been generated from your landing page! I also took a $925,000 listing two weeks ago and I am in 4 other conversations with people planning to list their homes with me all from your landing page… everyone has one but yours actually works!"
Randy Ora
Randy OraBerkshire Hathaway Home Services

Grow Your Business

Real Estate Farming

Consistency, efficiency, expertise — these are just a few of the benefits of real estate farming. When you choose to specialize in one geographic area, you’ll unlock the potential to become an authority in that real estate market and, subsequently, a sought-after commodity in and of yourself.

If you view real estate farming as a real farm, every move you make within that market is like sowing a seed. Crops take time and patience to be fruitful, but if you’re willing to do the work in the beginning and wait for roots to take hold, you’ll find that the payoff is well worth the initial effort…read more

Real Estate Postcards

In today’s device-based world, it seems smart to focus on social media and search-based internet ads for marketing. While these arenas are certainly important, old school tricks like realtor postcards still have a place in the well-rounded realtor’s arsenal, especially when dealing with real estate farming.

Realtor postcards are a proven and affordable marketing tool for real estate professionals. A carefully designed postcard will yield both immediate and long-term results. At minimum, you’ll see an increase in emails and website registrations, perhaps even the same day your postcards are delivered. In a best case scenario, you’ll receive higher call volume with requests for both buying and selling in your real estate farm.

A major benefit of real estate postcards is return on investment. Because they are fairly simple and inexpensive to design and print, even mildly effective campaigns will yield a return of at least four times the cost, while most campaigns will yield eight to 12 times the investment…read more

Facebook Marketing for Realtors

Who would’ve guessed that one day a massive online social network would become one of the most competitive marketing platforms? As you well know, with over 1.3 billion users worldwide, Facebook and similar sites are an essential component to effective marketing. As you probably also know, social media marketing is tricky and finicky, making it a headache for most realtors.

Data shows that 84% of real estate professionals use social media for marketing. Of that 84%, only 55% say that they are comfortable with using social media. That means the ones who take the time to become proficient in Facebook marketing will easily take the lead and reap the many benefits a strong social media presence can provide…read more

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About Us

The GeographicFarm Advantage

Lead Capture Landing Page

Most people want to research their home’s value well before they contact a real estate agent about listing. Let us create the best lead capture tool available that you can use anywhere. Our patent pending landing pages are designed purely to capture seller leads. These customizable sites offer a 3 step process and multiple home value estimates.

Custom Designs for Direct Mail

With proven templates and designs that are completely customized to fit your brand and market needs, trust that your Campaign will truly stand out!


Farming clients get exclusive rights to mail to their farm area. Certain packages offer locking down an entire zip code!

Regional Account Manager

Every GeographicFarm client is assigned a Regional Account Manager. Much like having your own Consultant, your RAM will keep you accountable and advise you on how to optimize the effectiveness of your farm.

Digital Media Services

Our Media team can create, optimize and manage your Facebook ads for you. Let their expertise of what’s trending and what works take one more task off your plate. Sign up for our Direct Mail services and your ad management feature is included. We also offer this amazing service a la carte.

Telemarketing Products

No time to spend hours a day or week on the phone? Let us help! Our call center utilizes proven scripts to deliver accuracy and consistency to your hot leads and nurtures 7 days a week.


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