Like everything else today, real estate marketing has entered the digital age. Consequently, your farming strategy needs to include more than just door knocking and distributing flyers. You can use online marketing tools like Facebook to supplement your offline efforts.

Incorporate Facebook Into Your Farming Strategy

Studies show that Facebook is the place where home sellers will interact with you. You can use Facebook ads to acquire more home seller leads, faster and for less cost, than almost all other digital marketing alternatives. The key to success is knowing how to create ads that target the right audience, grab attention, prove credibility and encourage people to click on them.

To get started, put a Facebook pixel on your website, and set up a Business Manager account within Facebook.

Targeting Your Ads

Facebook lets you target your ads to a very specific audience. You can identify your target based on geography, age, relationship status, gender, interests, behaviors and more.

Placing Your Ads

Facebook options include placing your ads in the mobile or desktop news feeds, on Instagram, in the right column on desktops and on the audience network. Start with the mobile and desktop news feeds since they have the best conversion. Note that 90 percent of active users check Facebook on their phone.

Testing Your Ads

You’ll need to find the best combination of factors to maximize your ROI. Test combinations of copy, images and placement. Then, carefully monitor how the ads perform in terms of the number of people who click through to your website and convert. You’ll need to continue testing from time to time to ensure that the ads are still top producers.

Don’t Have Time to Do Facebook Ads Right?

You can always delegate to a team member, but you’re going to get the best return by using a professional service. GeoFarm Digital is a Facebook ad optimization service that was created for the real estate industry. That service is from GeographicFarm, a top real estate marketing firm. Chime can work with the GeoFarm Digital system to combine the benefits of hyper-local messaging with an efficient and optimized national campaign.

“The key to farming success is multichannel marketing,” says Jeff Campbell, CEO of GeographicFarm. “You want your name, your face, your business, to be in front of a potential client precisely when they’re ready to connect. So, if you’re doing direct mail, you’ll want to also do Facebook ads in the same area.”

When you find the right balance between online and offline farming, you’ll have a winning strategy. Learn more by downloading our FREE eBook titled Geographic Farming in the Digital Age.

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