Who would’ve guessed that one day a massive online social network would become one of the most competitive marketing platforms? As you well know, with over 1.3 billion users worldwide, Facebook and similar sites are an essential component to effective marketing. As you probably also know, social media marketing is tricky and finicky, making it a headache for most real estate agents.

Data shows that 84% of real estate professionals use social media for marketing. Of that 84%, only 55% say that they are comfortable with using social media. That means the agents who take the time to become proficient in Facebook marketing will easily take the lead and reap the many benefits a strong social media presence can provide.

There are a million and one how-to guides for using Facebook as a real estate marketing tool, so that’s not what you’ll find here. Instead, here’s a look at why it’s worth your time, energy, and money to excel in the world of Facebook marketing.

Unique benefits
A successful marketing campaign will always include traditional tactics like postcard mailings and referral programs, but there are certain things you can only achieve through social media marketing.

First off, Facebook is the best way to let potential clients see a bit of who you really are. By making your personal profile public (or making certain posts public), people can get a great feel for your personality, your values, and your life in general. Leads will be much more likely to reach out to you if they feel like they already know something about who you are as a person.

One quick note on Facebook profiles: Facebook is very strict about their rules regarding personal profiles vs. business profiles. It’s very important that you use a business page for conducting your business on Facebook, posting paid ads, etc. However, when it comes to your personal page, that’s where you’ll be able to let your personality shine through and really connect with people on a personal level via networking.

While networking is certainly not unique to social media, Facebook is by far the easiest way to make network connections. By simply “liking” the pages and posts of your friends and clients, you’re building a strong web of people who feel supported by you, while simultaneously getting your name in front of the eyes of a whole new group of people. You’ll do even better if you follow-up that “like” with a personal, genuine message or comment!

Using Facebook as a marketing tool also allows you to easily group your friends into lists. For example, if you have a list of local friends, a list of clients, and a list of leads, you’ll know how to reach your target audience with a simple sort feature. Utilizing these lists is the perfect way to make sure no single group feels inundated by your posts, but you’ll still be able to reach your target audience when it matters to them.

These great “pros” of Facebook marketing don’t even touch on the integrated marketing that Facebook actually provides, including paid ads, customizable business pages, and even a “likely to move” behavioral category to track potential leads. Learning to take advantage of both types of Facebook marketing will be the key to your success, but it’s is also the reason why most agents find it hard to become comfortable using Facebook as a marketing tool.

Full package
At the end of the day, the simplest reason for incorporating Facebook marketing is to complete today’s version of the full marketing package. If you’re without a Facebook presence, you’re likely to be passed over in favor of your more available competition. Think of it like forgoing business cards — unthinkable, right? Now apply that thought to Facebook marketing!

Choosing to make Facebook marketing a key element in your overall marketing plan may take extra time and energy at first, but as soon as you see the remarkable effect it can have on your business, you’ll be willing to do it all again. Click here to learn more about a customized Facebook marketing strategy designed just for you.

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