Phenomenal Content — Part 4: Look to the Best

Ever see really great content and wish you were a professional communicator on top of being a real estate pro? Well, you can create engaging content without being a pro. How? Keep an eye on the best in your business … Read More

Agent Allen #4

Hotel Diamond was not much to look at from the street, but the gem of a view of the azure waves of the Grande Anse du Diamant from the bungalow-style lodgings and luxurious pool area truly did make this resort … Read More

Phenomenal Content — Part 3: Write Like a Reader

Among writing professionals (that’s not the same thing as professionals who write, by the way), there’s a saying: read like a writer, and write like a reader. This basically means that when creating content, it’s critical to have your audience … Read More

Phenomenal Content — Part 2: Try Something New

“The medium is the message.” That’s how Marshall McLuhan, twentieth-century media theorist, phrased it, and it means that the medium used to convey a message really has an influence on the way the message is perceived by its recipients. It’s … Read More

Agent Allen #3

Agent Allen sat in his Tesla outside the Apple store and quickly customized his new phone, adding Chime and the spy app issued by his quasi-governmental employer, an international intelligence agency known to its operatives as “The Outfit.” Then he … Read More

Phenomenal Content — Part 1: Why?

You’ve probably heard the term, “content is king,” but the marketplace these days has more kings than pawns, it seems. We’ve come to discover that with all those kings out there, “unique content is emperor.” People only have so much … Read More

Agent Allen #2

Allen stopped at his broker’s office on Grand Avenue on the way to crash Fineman’s lair. An order of beautiful postcards had been delivered from GeographicFarm. He pulled out the waybill and read the order number, then reversed it, divided … Read More

Door Knocking 101: How to Knock Their Socks Off

You can knock the socks off the people in your geographic farm with a little bit of time and planning. Knocking on doors is a critical part of your geographic farming plan. Here’s how to get started. Understand the Importance … Read More

Facebook and Farming: Finding Leads Where They Live

Like everything else today, real estate marketing has entered the digital age. Consequently, your farming strategy needs to include more than just door knocking and distributing flyers. You can use online marketing tools like Facebook to supplement your offline efforts. … Read More

Agent Allen #1

Agent Allen crouched behind the FOR SALE sign he’d just hammered into the front lawn of the sprawling, high-end home of the neighborhood he’d decided was a prime spot for geographic farming. Some simple data mining had determined that the … Read More